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Financial Analysis Division

The Financial Analysis Division allows clients to have a CFO within their company or operation but at a fraction of the cost. Within the FA Division the client or company is analyzed in several primary areas:


*Financial Statement Analysis

*Accounts Payable Analysis

*Profit & Loss Analysis

*Tax Return Analysis

*Wealth Management Analysis

*Accounts Receivable Analysis

*Debt Structure Analysis

*Cash Flow Analysis

*Overall Financial Standing Write-up


The FA Division's primary purpose is to come into a farm operation and handle all the financial document preparation that will allow the FA Division to build a comprehensive risk management plan for the company.   Upon completion of the analysis and approval of accuracy of information given by the client, the FA Division then will do a comprehensive write-up that will discuss all the company's financial objectives and goals for the upcoming fiscal year. This write-up will discuss all the pertinent information that many financial institutions will need to evaluate the credit needs of the company.  By doing this the FA Division has streamlined the financial analysis burden that is placed on many small companies.  


Also, presenting this information to financial institutions in a professional manner allows the company to possibly capture better borrowing rates due to the level of analysis that is done prior to any engagement or offer of credit to be extended.  Furthermore, upon any financial institution offering a conditional finance commitment, the FA Division will review the terms and structure to make sure all offers are in line with the company needs.


Through the FA Division, My Farm Business' main analyst will also attend any meetings of utmost importance to our clients such as meetings with tax professionals, financial institutions, attorneys, financial planners, or accountants.   


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